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    Amazon Merch template with ps cc 2018


      Looks like there are some fantastic features
      with this integration, but I have searched for
      a week and reviewed all the information I can
      find , nothing is comprehensive enough
      for me to effectively use it with ps.


      No one that I can find so far is able to do more
      show sporadic features of it, but nothing from
      start to finish (how to use it with photoshop 2018).

      I for one already know how to set up a 4500 x 5400px
      300dpi template, but to use the merch temp is another
      story, I need to be able to use the template so I
      can preview my designs as they will look on a shirt.



      My particularly confusion centers around the tabs in the
      lower right panel , from 'hello' through 'smart' editing tabs
      ,to completion of a design as far as the template is
      concerned ( not how to manage photos, click and drag,
      size , text , etc), just things related to that lower right
      panel, so much of that area could use clarification.



      I believe this merch template with ps cc 2018 deserves
      a comprehensive tutorial SERIES, form 'scratch' to
      completion 'ready' for upload to amazon, not going
      through the actual 'upload' , but I think it would be fair
      to bring it up to that point of demarcation.



      I have learned from many of your great tutorials over the
      last week and found the best by far to be one
      'presented' by Jan Kabili, who's style makes learning
      photoshop easy to grasp, she takes the time to
      explain every step in here tutorial series, in detail,
      assuming nothing about what you may or may not
      already know , I would love to nominate her for the task.

      Please consider a full tutorial series on this interface.