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    Dutones Color not matching

    Ford & Earl Level 1

      Hello Adobe Community,

      First time posting here - I have hundreds of photograph head shots that i wish to apply a duotone effect. After applying the exact same color selections to each image, I am noticing that some of the head shots have more saturation in the colors than others. In the examples below there is a difference between the greens. They appear darker in the male image but not in the other. My preference is for the tone of the female image as most of the images match this color/tone. I have tried the following to match the tones before applying the duotone but still no luck:

      1. Match color

      2. Match Levels

      3. Total exposures in Lightroom

      The results of these adjustments result in either very dark or very bright images.

      Can anyone point me in the right direction to rectify this? Thank you in advance.