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    Clear Previous Frame

      Hi, I have a problem and I was hoping you guys can help me.

      I am trying to create a training site, the way it works is that it will run through some information and then there is a quiz at the end of different sections. I have the information in the way I want it, and the quiz is in place and works properly too, the only problem I am having is when the quiz gets to the end and it is displaying your score on the quiz, the last question of the quiz will remain on the screen for the rest of the presentation.

      I have the training content and the quiz on different layers and I have tried ending it on one frame and then having a button to bring you another frame for the score, but it will just stay at the frame with the last question.

      Any suggestions?

      Thanks in advance!!!
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          kglad Adobe Community Professional & MVP
          if you have content added in the authoring environment (ie, placed on stage in a particular frame/layer), just convert a frame to a blank keyframe to remove those objects from the display at that blank keyframe and thereafter.

          if you added content using actionscript, there are various ways to remove objects from the visible content including removeMovieClip() and changing the object's _x,_y,_alpha,_visible properties.