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    Cannot Import some pictures



      I have an issue where my Lightroom does not want to import one specific photo from a different catalog (when I use a catalog with more than one the situation doesn't change).

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      Another related Issue is that there are some (in this specific folder 63) pictures Lightroom cannot synchronize for some unknown reason.

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      Has anybody ever encountered those issues and was able to fix them?

      Thanks Kai

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          dj_paige Level 10

          When Lightroom cannot synchronize a folder, it is almost always because the photos in that folder have already been imported into Lightroom, and are in some other folder. You must go into the Library module and search for one (or more) of these 63 photos by file name. First click on All Photographs, turn off filters, turn off stacking, and do the search using the Filter Bar by file name.


          I point out, since this may be a source of confusion, that Lightroom is not a file browser, it does not have to show you the 63 files in that folder, if they are also imported into Lightroom in some other folder.

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            17761 Level 1

            They have not been imported to another folder I already checked for that, they should only be in that one folder, but I will check for that again.

            But the more important issue for me.is the first.problem I described. In this case I basically just need the full.set of develop settings imported as I have edited the pictures on a different computer but want to have the edits on my main PC but using presets.does not preserve crop and perspective corrections.

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              dj_paige Level 10

              I can't view your screen capture of the first problem from here at work.


              When you do the search for the 63 files, you must first click on All Photographs.

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                17761 Level 1

                I solved the issue with the 63 pictures.

                I simply told Lightroom not to check for duplicates, it appears that I had them in a different folder somewhere.


                And here is the first Screenshot again:


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                  dj_paige Level 10

                  I can't see your screen capture.


                  I don't think importing is the solution, as the newly imported photos will not have the edits.

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                    17761 Level 1

                    I was able To resolve the other problem by manually importing the xmp file from the other catalog, but the automated process still doesn't work. As it did with the other 6 heavily edited pictures from the catalog.