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    Cancelling a save deletes the file on a Mac?


      I've recently branched off on my own again after 8 years at a retouching studio.


      My workflow has always been to save a new version of a Photoshop file for every round of client markups.


      Often times I find myself in the middle of saving a large file and realize that I forgot to change the file name to the new version, so I hit ESC or click cancel, and save again with the correct file name.


      Now I'm not sure this is something new in CC2018, Mac OS High Sierra, or simply the fact that I'm no longer in a network server environment, but previously, if I cancelled saving "Filename_Version_4.psd" and then saved "Filename_Version_5.psd", "Filename_Version_4.psd" would still be intact in its original location in the Finder.


      Now I'm finding that if I hit ESC or cancel as I'm saving Version 4, Version 4 disappears.  I first noticed this behavior on Dropbox, where I often collaborate with others.  In this scenario, Dropbox moves the file to a trash folder.


      But I'm not working on Dropbox at the moment.  I'm saving locally.  The files I'm working on were actually on Dropbox at one point, but they are no longer.


      Could this be something to do with a remnant of the file being on Dropbox?  I've never seen this behavior on a Mac, even before I worked in a studio on a network.