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    Why doesn't my accordion menu overlap content? Muse 2018.0

    hamiterj Level 1


      I actually want my accordion menu to overlap items. Here's the short and sweet for reference (for the record, I have zero issues with it pushing content down):


      1. Added the accordion menu to the A-Master and sized it properly. Checked 'can close all' because I originally wanted it to push items down.

      2. Added a vertical menu within the container and positioned it how I wanted it.

      3. Bingo! Everything pushed content down perfectly at every breakpoint—again, it was set to 'can close all'.

      4. Decided to see if it would overlap, so I unchecked 'can close all' and checked 'overlap items below'.

      5. Problem: Soon as I checked 'overlap...' the vertical dropdown menu automatically dropped down and doesn't disappear when I click the menu button.

      6. BTW, I'm not using a hamburger or any icon. I edited the text within the menu container to simply say 'MENU'.


      Again, 'can close all' works fine. But doesn't set at 'overlap items...' I haven't seen any discussions related to this (I've searched and searched and googled).


      Isn't the 'overlap' feature supposed to do this? Much appreciation for any tips or help here!