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    LR CC Sync Issues


      I have LR CC running on my MacBook Air, an iPad and iPhone run LR CC Mobile.  All signed into the same account but I have different number of photos on the Mobile devices.


      As of today:


      MacBook Air LR CC - 24,691 - backed up and synced

      lightroom.adobe.com - 24,691

      Ipad - 24,693 - Uploading 5 pending - (this has been going for a month)

      iPhone - 24,688 - All synced and backed up


      I would have assumed that the 24,691 was the correct number since it shows up on lightroom.adobe.com but the iPad has a higher number and says 5 more are uploading and pending.  This is very poor sync implementation at the least.  I have read other posts on the forum but still am not sure best course of action to get them all aligned like they should be.  Any suggestions on resolving this sync issue?