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    How do I control E-signature Certificates?

    4x4dually Level 1

      I'm looking for a way to sign pdf's for our company but I don't think we require the full-blown, digital-signature with 3rd party verification and all that jazz. I simply want everyone to be able to open a pdf and place their signature in a box. Nothing fancy.


      I've been exploring how to do this and putting an e-signature in a document is fast and easy. My problem is this....all I have to do to put someone else's signature in a box is to create a new signature setup on my machine and wolla....their name can be populated.


      My question is this....is there a way to set up certificates for all our employees and store them in a read only folder on our network? We need some sort of control of the certificates. We can't just have everyone making their own and putting what ever names in there they want.


      Does this makes sense? Can someone shed some light or point me to some help? A few of us have adobe but most have the reader.