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    Pixilated type in PS CC2018

    Bullseye1 Level 1

      We have been creating DVD menus in Photoshop for years.  But recently we have noticed that type, whether raster or live, looks pixelated. We use the preset NTSC DV Widescreen.  We have tried cutting and pasting high res text in and typing it live right in the file.  No matter what we do the text looks awful.  However when we save the file and open it in an older version (Photoshop CS5) the text looks amazing!  We need the text to look good in a screenshot for proofing with our clients.  I have searched the web and cant seem to find a fix. Please help.


      This is a screen shot of the actual PSD file at 100% size in PS CC2018 above.  Below is a jpeg screenshot taken of the same file opened in PS CS5 on a coworkers computer.  You can see the text above looks terrible compare to the text below.