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    Photoshop file disappeared from desktop and is now unresponsive


      Basically I am working on a really large file at the moment (around 14gb), I haven't had any problems with it other than it sometimes lagging but other than that it has been fine.

      Today my photoshop became unresponsive whilst doing something and has been for the last few hours.


      The problem I have is that the saved file has now disappeared from my desktop. It is not in any hidden folder, trash and doesn't show up when I spotlight search it.


      So ..

      1- where is the file?

      2- how can I save it as a new file when photoshop is unresponsive?

      3- how can I make photoshop respond again?


      I am working on a MacBook air and using photoshop cc 2018


      Even if I could just get my file back so that I can quit photoshop, just anything.

      Any help would be more than appreciated.

      Thanks in advance