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    Fireworks CS6 Default zoom preference

    Gabber Level 1

      Is it somehow possible to lower the default zoom percentage when creating a new file?

      When i create a new file, the zoom is 100% by default, i use 1920x1080 resolution on my desktop so new files Always start with 1920x1080 / 72 resolution but the 100% zoom is too big for the screen it seems and causes the workspace (or canvas, however its called, im Dutch so i dont know the actual translation) to appear too big, only when i set zoom to 66% i will be able to see the entire workspace (or canvas, the checkered field).

      When i paste an image with the same resolution, it will not be placed properly, the image is Always too far to the left and leaves quite some space on the canvas "uncovered", so everytime i make a new file and paste a "PrtScn" im forced to drag the image to the right when the zoom is 100%, however if i create a new file and set zoom to 66% before i paste the PrtScn it will be placed perfectly centered on the workspace/canvas.


      So my question is, how do i set the default zoom percentage to 66% on "new file"?

      There seems to be no option in preferences to manually change this, and its quite annoying to change the zoom everytime i wanna create a new file, same thing with doubleclicking the hand on tools, which also fixes the vieuw as it sets the workspace/canvas to best fit the screen (which would be 72%, but this cant even be selected or "pinned" in the zoom options)...