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    How to log out from all devices (incl. mobile)? Serious security problem.

    alexm99700478 Level 1


      due to the security reasons I have just changed my Adobe ID (Lightroom cloud) password but noticed that all my Lightroom CC apps (incl. also Lightroom CC Mobile) still works perfectly without any request to provide new password.


      This is serious security problem. Suppose that attacker was able to have your previous password and logged in via Lightroom CC or mobile. You change the password  (and additionally turn on two step verification) but it doesn't have any effect for already logged in devices. Attacker still can have full access to your account via already logged in apps and device.


      My question is how to log out all the previous devices, stop all active web sessions, etc. after password change. I couldn't find any such option.


      This is going to be more an more important in the are of common cloud storage so broadly promoted by Adobe. Imagine that you transfer all you photos (e.g. all your lifetime) to Adobe Cloud and have no control who is accusing them, when, etc. ... you cannot even stop all the active sessions and accesses.