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    Protected view, inconsistently trusting local domain users via email


      We are running win10 ltsb and Acrobat 2017 continuous, mixture of reader, standard, and pro.


      When a user receives an email from the scanner, the document is opened in protected view.  Yet if they modify the document, and send it to someone else with the same domain email address, that user will in turn be able to open it normal. Everyone's install is the same and was locked down via the Acrobat Customization Wizard, we have only trusted local network locations, and disabled the cloud/upload garbage using the customization wizard.


      The complaints from users are regarding protected view sometimes kicking on and hindering workflow on pdfs received via email from users in the same domain, my concern is why does it only sometimes kick on? Shouldn't it ALWAYS kick on? If not, is there a way to disable protected view when receiving email from users in our domain?