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    Adobe Hell. Thousands of Lost Photos--No Support. Please Help.

    mprelic Level 1

      Yesterday my husband contacted Adobe to try to troubleshoot an issue with Lightroom not uploading to the cloud, and in the process of the troubleshoot the Adobe employee erased 4 months worth of my husband's professional photography work. Adobe then said they would get back to him in a number of days.


      This is a terrible loss for him, so I called to get a quicker response yesterday--was assured by a supervisor that someone would get back to me by the evening, no one did, then I called back in today and was given the run around by a supervisor who was incredibly rude and refused to give me his name!! Now I'm on with another "supervisor" who is simply restating that "it's complicated," and that "someone will be in contact within 24-48 hours."


      Is there any way to get in touch with a higher level of support?? This is just unbelievable--to pay so many thousands of dollars to a company that is supposed to cater to professionals and then to be ignored, even after they acknowledge that the fault is theirs??


      Can anyone help?