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    Plotseries from XML provider

      I am trying to create a PlotChart with series (y is constant) from an
      XML object that is defined as follows:

      <series yVal='Weight'>
      <dataPoint date='12/01/2004'/>
      <dataPoint date='12/25/2004'/>
      <dataPoint date='1/1/2005'/>
      <dataPoint date='1/22/2005'/>

      I want the xField to be derived from the date attribute in the
      dataPoint - no problem. I want the yField to be based on the yVal
      attribute in the series (parent of the dataPoints) element. How can I
      do this?

      yField= what do i put here???

      There must be a way. Please help! Thanks

      THE FOLLOWING WORKS but I don't want to have to repeat the y value in
      every data point.

      <dataPoint date='12/01/2004' yVal='Weight'/>
      <dataPoint date='12/25/2004' yVal='Weight'/>
      <dataPoint date='1/1/2005' yVal='Weight'/>
      <dataPoint date='1/22/2005' yVal='Weight'/>