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    How to prevent writing metadata changes to jpg-files

    Pål Engh Level 1

      We use FotoWeb 8.0 by Fotoware.no as our DAM solution.

      They provide a Mac client to do batch changes of about anything with the pictures, eg. changing and updating keywords.

      The files are stored on a servers dedicated folder, so I am able to connect Lightroom to this folder.

      When using Lightroom I do not need the vendors client to make changes, except I cannot figure out how NOT to write changes to keywords to the picture file itself. We mostly have jpg-files. This also changes the films changed/updated date which in turn makes an unwanted change in the sort order.


      I can do fine writing all metadata ONLY to the XMP sidecar file

      This is the link to our DAM: https://bildebank.ostfoldfk.no.




      Pål Engh

      Østfold County administration