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    The Forum 'Upload a File' Feature.

    Trevor.Dennis Adobe Community Professional

      We have briefly discussed some the forums added features before, but I'd like to know the limitations of the 'Upload a File' facility.  One of its allowed file formats is PDF, which might enable us to provide layered documents, providing that the PDF is saved with 'Preserve editing' checked.  I just tried this with a file for the next Friday challenge. It is 3000 pixels on the long side, has four layers, and I have just realised that the PDF loaded back into Photoshop complete with three clipping paths.  Anyway, it all came to 34Mb, and the forum widget rejected the file as too large.  I've looked for some guidelines but not found them.  If anyone else can track them down, or happens to know the acceptable parameters for uploading files, I'd like to hear them.


      What about shared CC library objects?  Can we share files that way?  We'd have to make the layers into a Smart Object to let folk access individual layers I'm thinking?

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          Ussnorway Adobe Community Professional

          the limit on Adobe CC files is 1 gb

          this psd is 146 mb


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            Trevor.Dennis Adobe Community Professional

            So why was I unable to upload a 34Mb file?  What would useful is some guidelines so we knew exactly what the limits are.

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              davescm Adobe Community Professional

              Hi Trevor

              If you save a file (PSD ,TIFF, JPEG, PDF ...etc) to your  cloud storage , you can go to the webpage (View on web, from the desktop app) and make it public and click to get a link to share.


              I'm not sure that is the best way for the Friday challenge though. Some people are understandably reluctant to click on links in posts and whereas an embedded jpeg is fairly safe, and does not take too long to download for any users with poor internet speeds. Also the link becomes void if you ever remove the image from your storage.

              So, to keep the challenge inclusive for all, the embedded jpeg may be a better bet?



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                D Fosse Adobe Community Professional & MVP

                Yes, please. Let's keep this low key, low threshold and inviting. Let's not turn it into a major operation.

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                  Trevor.Dennis Adobe Community Professional

                  I just reduced it to one cutout layer with transparency. Duplicated to a new document to lose the clipping paths, and saved to PDF again at 8.5Mb, and that uploaded OK.  It's a handy way to share content I'm thinking.  Anyway, it is nearly Friday here, so I'll kick off with SFTW4 in a new thread.

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                    Benjamin Root MVP & Adobe Community Professional

                    FYI: for security reasons, Files and Docs can only be created by mods and staff.


                    Have you tried uploading a compressed zip? Not sure if a zip would allow a larger file, but worth a try.


                    Be aware that Upload File creates a new post. Therefore, if a File/Doc is used, the contest should be included within the same post (for efficiency). Or, perhaps, a high res PNG in a regular forum discussion would work for this sort of thing?


                    IMHO, Docs should be used very sparingly, and only for files which cannot otherwise be hosted here (such as Action Sets), but need to remain for the lifetime of the forum. In other words, tutorials, long term work arounds, etc. The Docs should be orderly and purposeful... My opinion, anyway