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    Nik Color Efex cannot batch edit with CC 2018 running High Sierra (10.13.1) - Crashes PS

    sunshinegirlnw Level 1

      I purposefully drag my feet with updates because they always end in misery.  I finally bit the bullet yesterday and updated my Mac OS to High Sierra (10.13.1) and Adobe PS CC to 2018 (19.1.0).  I've spent the day reading all the threads in this forum and followed all the advice and tips get Nik Color Efex to work again and it won't work.  (I don't seem to have problems with the other plugins like Define...it's just Color Efex that causes PS to crash every.single.time I try to batch edit my recipe.)


      I CAN successfully get Color Efex to succeed if I open it through Filter>Nik Collection>Color Efex Pro 4 (select my recipe and click OK).....and....it will also work directly from the Selective Tool selecting my favorite recipe under the Recipes tab.


      My problem is I batch edit my galleries and I don't have time to go through each file and hand apply this recipe one file at a time.  Previously, I batch edited this plugin and never had any problems.  The recipe is the base of my editing and I'm just really sad and frustrated.  I know that Google abandoned Nik and maybe there will be hope for a paid version resolution through DXO, but I'd really love (need) a working solution now.


      If anyone has suggestions, I'm all ears.  I'd especially like to know if others can successfully batch edit.  (If so, that gives me hope it's possible.). If it crashes for others, then I know to give up.


      Grateful for the help.  Thanks!