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    magnetic auto anchor scroll not working on mobile devices ( only works on desktop )




      So I build this site that uses magnetic one scroll to anchor designs, in which normally 1 scroll should result in an automatic scroll to the next panel. I looked into jQuery to add this function myself, because of the fact to integrate touch as a scroll and thus having the same effect. But I have no clue on how to make the jQuery code to work, I've tried widgets to implement the code but it doesn't work. So now I used the widget; Anchor + from QooQee, which works fine on desktop ( and on responsive mode it seems to work on mobile ) but when loading the site on mobile the effect is gone.


      Please enlighten me if you have a work around or solution, since I don't see why the widget doesn't work in responsive mode on mobile/tablet but only on desktop (and when simulating the browser width and height the effect works too)


      site : www.aristovopenka.com