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    CC2018 no Text anymore - empty layer

    Der Kraft Level 1



      since the last Upgrade (19.0) I can't do any Text.


      I can select the Text Tool and write something, but there is no Text in the Layer. In the Layer-Menu the Text shows up as layerName, but there is nothing.


      If I try to select the layer and hit command-t I get an error: Cannot transform Object, because the layer is empty. So there seems to be really no text…


      Am I alone?


      cheers - Michael


      Update: I've seen, that CC2018 should be Version 19.1. So I guessed, that something went wrong with the Update-Process. Indeed: In the Desktop app there was still an upgradeOption for PS. So I did the Upgrade an it now shows 19.1.0 . But the the Text-Behaviour is still the same!