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    Adobe Acrobat DC Rollout


      Hello Everybody,


      I've been working on a Rollout of Adobe Acrobat via SCCM.

      The Devices that are supposed to receive Acrobat DC currently have installed Adobe Acrobat 9 and thats where the Problems beginn....

      In my Script i send out an uninstall Prior to the install of DC. On all Client Computers the Script Fails since the uninstall Fails.

      It took me about 2 Weeks but i managed to figure out why the uninstall Fails - the reason is the pdfmoutlook.dll.

      Also this Add In is disabled in Outlook its still loaded.

      I tried unloading it via regsvr32 -u pdfmoutlook.dll and the Computer says it has been successfully unloaded but its not.

      Now my actual question is:

      Is there a way to actually remove the .dll completely without having to shut down Outlook? I can not send a Task Kill to Outlook Prior to the Uninstall since someone could be actually working on it and losing process. If you have any idea what to do please feel free to share