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    [CS3] Flash buttons with fade effects.

    K0raX Level 1
      Well as the title says, i've got some buttons in Flash CS3, using AS 2 which when clicked changes the frame. The thing is that i want to add a fade effect to the text area AFTER the button was pressed. So for example:
      The user is reading the text, he presses one of the buttons (all of which change frames, in this case text) and the text fades away and the new text fades in.
      Well, i've designed the frames needed for this, so i've got 10 frames before the frame the user will see for it to fade in and 10 frames after it to fade out. What i havent figured out yet is how i'll make the script do that. I mean, i can make the script go forward one frame, starting the fade out effect, i can make it go to the frame i want but how will i do both.
      I've got 6 buttons and 6 corresponding texts.
      Does anyone have any ideas?
      Thank you in advance.
      P.S.: Any ideas welcome. I can change the frame layout.
      P.S.S.: Also forgot to mention that making layers for every combination is out of question....
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          kglad Adobe Community Professional & MVP
          cross-fading two objects is much easier if you use actionscript than if you use the timeline.

          you might want to reconsider the entire setup of your application if you intend to pursue the cross-fading.
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            K0raX Level 1
            First off, thanks for your answer.

            I see. So a correct usage of that would be?
            As i was saying i can re-model everything, so i'm open to any suggestions as long as they work.
            I'm quite new to AS, so i dont know most of the functions that come with it (experience comes due time ).
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              clbeech Level 3
              I agree kg ;)

              to make this as simple as possible KOraX - place each of the text 'objects' (which im assuming are MovieClip instances) on the stage, in different layers, and give them instance names. do the same with your buttons on a seperate layer but you will only need one for them all - don't forget instance names - then you can use the Tween class to cause the transition. you will want to place the instance names of both the buttons and the clips within arrays to assign the handler code to all instances within a loop, for simplicity, as in something like:
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                K0raX Level 1
                I've already had them placed each on their layer. I thought i might need mobility on the timeline.

                Let me see how much of this i understand...


                which im assuming are MovieClip instances

                They're graphics but i can simply change them to be movie clips if it's the case.


                do the same with your buttons on a seperate layer but you will only need one for them all

                I've lost you here....you're saying ill only need one AS reference?


                for(var i=0; i<btns.length; i++) {

                Hmm... you're using the size of the array to set how many times the loop control will actually loop? Took me a bit to figure out what length an array could have


                new Tween(current, '_alpha', Strong.easeOut, 100, 0, 10, false);
                new Tween(clips[this.id], '_alpha', Strong.easeOut, 0, 100, 10, false);
                current = clips[this.id];

                //start the first clip transition 'in'
                current = clips[0];
                new Tween(clips[0], '_alpha', Strong.easeOut, 0, 100, 10, false);

                Ok i didnt get most of this but i'll have to check out the parameters for the Tween function.
                Actually i plan on going from a 50% alpha to a 100%, but that's just my choice.

                Thanks a lot and hope i dont become too annoying.

                P.S. I had a huge revelation at the end when i re-read the code and finally understood how this is going to work.
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                  clbeech Level 3
                  lol - yeah o :) - you should convert them to movieclips symbols - this is so that you can assign a 'instance name' to each - with one selected on the stage look in the properties panel, and you will see a box for it - enter a name for each symbol there. those that i have assigned in the array for the 'clips' as in: clip01, clip02, etc. are examples - they should be the same as the instance names you assign to each corresponding MC.

                  i only meant the you only need to use a 'single' layer to place all of the button instances on, although you can separate them if you wish - however the above does still apply to those as well - they will all need instance names. again the 'btns' array is where those names should be the same as those you assign.

                  an array can be as big as you like (although i do think there is a cutoff limit around 17k or something like that) and yes this is a common method of iterating through an array - even when it may be dynamically generated - ie. the amount of items change regularly.

                  going from a '50%' alpha isn't really going to work - in this case you would 'see' all of the instance that are 'stacked' atop one another. they will need to run up from zero.

                  don't worry about it ;) this is the place to ask questions like this and learn.
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                    K0raX Level 1
                    ok sorry to bring this back up but since i had a change in plans i've been bugged by a question.
                    Well. I can assign the same instance name to a button twice right? But will they both work the way they would if i wrote the same code for each of them?
                    I've thought about that since i have 2 sub-menus on each of 2 of the main menus, but i also want it to open up the first clip not simply show the sub-menu. So for example a user clicks on Home, the home clip (text) comes up. But when he clicks About which has 2 more choices, About me, About my team, it automatically opens up the About me clip.
                    Would that work or is there a "more correct" way to do it?
                    Thanks again :D

                    P.S.: Sorry if it's hard to understand what i ask ^_^
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                      clbeech Level 3
                      actually, although it seems like one should be able to, you cannot assign the same instance name to multiple buttons. however, you can assign the same method call to different instances. so for instance, each 'about' button could play the 'about clip' but each button also 'send' the playhead to a different frame or label.
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                        K0raX Level 1
                        Ok so i finally managed to get the separate buttons thing going on by making the 2 buttons INSIDE the movie clip itself. But the problem is that the 2 text clips that have submenus overlapse, making only one of the buttons on that particular area work. I thought about tabIndex but it wouldnt work or at least i presume i used it correctly. I added to btn02
                        clip02.tabIndex = 1;
                        clip03.tabIndex = 2;

                        and the otherway around for btn03.
                        Any other way i can make one take preceeding of the other or dissapear when the other is showing?