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    Photoshop is too expensive




      I'm a game developer from Russia.

      For two years I was a proud user of Photoshop as a part of Creative Cloud Photography plan. I was paying about 360 rub./month.

      But now Creative Cloud Photography plan costs 644 rub./month which is almost twice as expensive as it previously was.

      As I was using only Photoshop (Creative Cloud Photography plan gives access to couple of other programs), I had to cancel my subscription.

      I thought I could subscribe to Photoshop only and keep using it, but to my surprise I found that Photoshop only subscription is even more expensive! It's 1288 rub./month, which is insane for Russia.


      Dear Adobe, please make your software a bit more affordable for those regions it needs especially. Why is Photoshop only costs twice as expensive as Creative Cloud Photography plan which includes other programs? Please, make Photoshop only subscription cheaper than Creative Cloud Photography plan.


      Thank you!