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    Photoshop scaling



      Have recently updated to newest photoshop version. The new interface scaling system works perfectly, but it`s not enough for me.

      I want to make my working project to be scalable to, not only the photoshop interface. How can I do that?

      I`m using 15.6 fullhd (1920x1080) laptop with 125% windows scaling.


      Sorry for my bad english.

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          davescm Adobe Community Professional


          At 100% zoom Photoshop must display it's pixel image at 1 screen pixel mapped to 1 image pixel. This is so that no scaling artifacts are introduced when viewing at 100%.

          If you need any other ratio just use the zoom tool



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            alexeis65282459 Level 1

            Hi Dave! Thank you for your reply.

            Usually i`m creating user interfaces and average websites, and it`s very uncomfortable when results in photoshop  are different from what i see in browser.

            Using zoom tool makes everything blurry. I just want to make my projects in photoshop look the same like all windows (125% scale) without any artefacts like blur or something like that. Is it possible?