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    Add an image within a loop

    Matt Gifford Level 1
      Hi all.

      I am working on an application, trying to get it as dynamic as possible.

      At the moment, I am looping through an array, adding a panel for each item.
      I want to add an image into each panel - the image is unique for each one.

      I have the panels created correctly, and I am able to output the correct id onto each panel as text for testing. However, when I try to add the image, it only adds onto the last panel, leaving the first two blank.

      My code is attached. The functions all work, and the images are being read from the system, but I cannot get the image.source part to work properly.

      Any ideas/help would be gratefully appreciated. Thank you very much, and apologies for the possible vague posting.

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          SujitG Level 2

          I think its because in the Loader's Event.Complete event handler you are setting the source of the "image". But the "image" object refers to only the last Image instance you added.

          Event.Complete handler is not invoked unless the image is loaded, by the time the handler is invoked the loop is completed and so the "image" variable refers to the last instance of the Image object created.

          Even if the loop is not completed by the time the event handler is invoked, variable "image" will definitely be pointing to some other instance of the Image rather than the one we actually want to have the source property set to.


          Hope this helps.