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    Lost Tags

    hala52795350 Level 1

      Problem: Original “Tags” from Elements 10 “lost”, after upgrade to Elements 15.

      Previously I had Adobe Photoshop Elements 10, (APSE10), in which I created and used hundreds of tags. (I have approx. 14,000 photographs.)

      APSE 10 developed a problem in that the various menus became unreadable. I spoke to a tech guy at Best Buy who suggested I upgrade to APSE15, which I did.

      This indeed solved the readability problem but my original tags apparently “disappeared”. I have tried to relocate these tags but without success.

      Any help in re-establishing these tags would be greatly appreciated.

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          Bani Verma Adobe Employee
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            02GEEK Adobe Community Professional

            Try to find out if the upgrade has wiped your catalogs by search for a file named 'catalog.pse10db'. By default it's in a hidden folder of the C: drive, therefore you  have to set your explorer to show 'hidden' files. If you manage to find one or more folders with such file, each folder will correspond to a catalog.



            Then you  have to use the 'convert' option of the catalog manager to create a catalog in the PSE15 format from your PSE10 catalog


            If you have made backups from the organizer of PSE10, you should be able to recover everything with the 'restore' function of the new Elements.

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              hala52795350 Level 1





              Thank you, thank you. The solution you suggested worked perfectly and all of my old tags are restored.


              Thank you again.

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                hala52795350 Level 1

                Thank you,


                I have already recovered my tags using the described steps.


                Thanks again.