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    Print colors not correct when switched to 8.5x11 paper

    Daly_Photography Level 1

      This is really giving me a hard time and can't seem to figure this one out. I'm using the correct ICC profile for Ilford Galerie Prestige Smooth Pearl (Canon Pro-100). Everything looks great when printed from Lightroom as long as I do not select Letter Size paper in Page Setup. For example, I'm trying to print an 8x10 on Letter Size paper and the colors get this blue tone to them. Using the same paper but specifying it's 8x10 paper in Page Setup, the colors look great. Can also print fine selecting 5x7 or even 13x19 with respective paper sizes. Worked fine printing an 8x10 image on 13x19 size paper. Thinking it's not really the ICC at this point. Just something really strange when I select Letter Size paper. Even created a custom print size in Page Setup to 8.5x1 and still gave me the wrong colors.


      When I first experienced this, I did a reset on Light of all preferences. Still having the issue with this paper size.  Any thoughts of ideas on what to try would be greatly appreciated!