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    Any way to designate a preview image in Adobe Muse for pasting link into social media?

    carolgunn Level 1

      I am working with the latest version of Adobe Muse CC (2018).


      When I paste the link to my Muse-created website into a Facebook comment, it shows this preview:
      The preview image is the bottom layer from a layered PSD file set up to be a rollover button. I would not mind if it showed the other (top) layer, which is not darkened like this one.


      But my question is: why is this particular image being used? Is this something that is decided by Muse or by Facebook? (When I post the link to LinkedIn, it displays correctly, showing the top, un-darkened layer.)


      On googling this question, I see some suggestions to download a third-party snippet of code to copy and paste. I do not consider this an acceptable solution, or even a workaround. This is why I used Muse in the first place — they promised me I would not have to deal with code!


      I would like to be be able to select a particular image in the Assets panel (for instance, a flattened, un-darkened copy of this image) and designate it to be used as a preview image when I paste the link into social media.


      Is this (or something similar) possible from within the application?



      --Carol Gunn, Gunn Graphics