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      Im having problem with a movie clip with aesing and some action script on it. When i put it into another movie clip it doesnt react with the ease.. Hmmm... Im really frustrated and i know my English is not the best to explain but if you write me from your email i will send you the fla. and a better explanation..

      Thanks in advance

      And please help before i throug the comp. outside the window!!
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          It happened to me too, it happens, (I Think), because flash ignores two same movie Clips in different frames with the same code, if you want to do this, use this little cheat that I use, and it works for me,
          add at the beggining of the code of the MovieClip a comment, for example


          and in another copy mc2, or anything you want, but different, it should work
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            clbeech Level 3
            sorry BiNHs that's not quite right, you can have multiple instances of an MC on the stage that operate using the same code structure - additionally, adding a comment will not effect the clip at all.

            the problem is likely that the clip is not getting constructed properly. cherubianmoon1, you can start a thread at www.flashgods.org and post your FLA within the thread for further assistance - or you could upload it to your local server and provide a link here to the file.