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    Help please flash cs3 is killing me !!


      im using flash since macromedia flash 5 when i used flash cs3 and worked on a real project and every time I work

      on it I becomes bigger like the movie was only 30 sec and the size is 91mb and I have just 2% free memory so I

      cant run anything except flash , now my movie is 1min 30sec and its 650MB !! and crashing A lot and its too slow .

      my comp isn't bad look what I have :

      Win vista X86 ultimate

      AMD dual core 64x processor 3800+

      2 GB RAM

      Nvidia gforce 8500 GT

      so please i searched all over the internet for solution and I cant find any so im sure someone will help me here .

      Thank you . Text
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          Shandy Elliott Level 1
          Well, you haven't really explained much about your movie.

          What is the stage size? What do you have in your library? In the Flash project settings, are you compressing the exported swf? What is the jpeg quality set at (if you have images in this video)? Is the fla document 650mb or the exported swf? Sometimes the library can remain a large file even if you delete some items in the library. I've noticed this when opening a fls document that's (say 4 mb), then without changing anything, I save it as a new name (which means I should have 2 identical copies of the fla), yet the file sizes are completely different.
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            DIABLO-aka Level 1
            Oh sorry

            I dont really know what do you mean by stage size and I would like to know.

            I dont have alot of things in library just some symbols i didnt import anything

            I dont have any images or videos imported and i ddidnt even put the sounds.

            The .Fla file is 650mb and the .swf is 2mb .

            And I did the name thing before actually the file size got smaller but thats

            not the problem the problem is when i open the file my computer becomes

            very slow and even the flash .

            Thank you very much for trying to help :)
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              DIABLO-aka Level 1
              someone please help !!

              Is it my way of using flash I don't like much layers maybe its the layers

              making the movie so big . I made a new movie its just 1 sec and its 2mb ??

              Its just fbf no tween and only 1 layer and its 2mb ??

              please I cant work in flash because of this problem so I want help just tell

              me any thoughts in your heads that maybe solve this problem .

              THANKS .
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                aniebel Level 2
                Have you tried a "Save As"? Also, in your Library menu, choose "Select Unused Items", then click the trash can. That will get rid of anything your FLA does not use. Then try "Save As" again.