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    How to remove all reference to topic that has no underlying file

    peter braham Level 1
      We are a team of four who use Robohelp 7 and Robosource control 3, with the roboshelp source on a server.

      Sometimes Robohelp seems to get confused about which file corresponds to a topic: usually because the file doesn't exist. This can happen sometimes if I change the name of file even if I do so in the topic properties, using the topic properties dialog box.

      In such a case, we are left with a 'zombie' topic, which we can't use but can't get rid of. I want to know a sure way to remove all knowledge of a zombie topic from Robohelp.
      For example, is it enough (or sensible) to do the following? :
      - delete all links in other topics to that zombie topic
      - delete the reference in the .fpj file to the zombie topic

      This seems to be an intermittent issue but very time consuming when it happens!