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    CENSORED: HOW MANY PEOPLE HATE ADOBE NOW? raise your hands! Version 2

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      In the past 30 minutes one lone moderator saw fit to take it upon themself to censor a long running (5 years), relevant and cathartic discussion amongst Adobe users. I wanted to bring it back to afford users the opportunity to vent their frustrations and give all types of feedback both negative and positive. You don't get to shut down a discussion which has been relevant for over 5 years just because it "bothers" you or contains opinions contrary to yours (sounds like our current Government). Thjis is a helpful discussion which is not hurting anyone. Nobody has to comment if they are not inclined to. It also provides alternative options from users to those who can't afford a monthly subscription. DON'T BE CENSORED BY ADOBE! Let's see how long it take Adobe to censor this thread!


      Here's a link to the original thread.