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    I suddenly cannot drag/drop my saved signature from Place Signature

    lawyerlori Level 1

      I am running Adobe Acrobat XI Pro.  I have had my signature saved for months, and usually when I want to sign a document, I click on Fill & Sign Tools - Place Signature, and then I just drag and drop my signature into the document where I choose.  I opened a fillable PDF yesterday with a signature blank, and when I tried to drag/drop my signature in my usual manner, it opened a "Sign Document" box, and made me click and drag the space where I wanted my signature to appear, and then had me click to "Sign" the document.  My signature appeared much smaller than it usually does on the document, and I finally ended up printing and signing the document, then scanning it in and emailing it to the recipient.


      Today, I tried to sign a document in my usual manner, and it now opens the same "Sign Document" box and will not let me just drag and drop my saved signature the way I have always done.  And it's still making me draw a box for where I want my signature to appear, and the signature is much smaller.  The document is a Word document that I created, saved as a PDF, so there are no fillable fields or other security or validation settings that have been changed.  How can I go back to my easy signature method??  Please help!!