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    LCD monitor lag when drawing

    Walter Elias Level 2
      This is a hardware question for those of you who use Wacom or other tablets to draw in Flash, which I do heavily. My beloved flat-screen CRT monitor is flickering, fading and dying. I must finally break down and shop for an LCD monitor for my PC. I've read lots and lots of reviews, and found that the best ones for color accuracy (which I need for TV color calibration) tend to use LCD panels that also have the greatest input lag. It would drive me crazy to draw freehand in Flash and have the line lag even a fraction of a second between my hand drawing on the tablet and the line appearing on the monitor. My PC is pretty recent and fast, with a fast NVidia Quadro graphics card.

      At this point I can't afford a Wacom Cintiq tablet, so that isn't the solution.

      I see this lag time issue discussed thousands of places for gamers, but not in any artist or designer forums. I am not a gamer, I am a cartoonist who draws freehand, using fast and loose strokes, and needs to feel as comfortable as possible when drawing with the computer. Where I live, there is no shop that would ever let me test this issue.

      I am therefore asking anyone here whether you have experienced any such lag issue with LCD monitors, and which models I might want to avoid for this reason.