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    How do I make my javascript available in the debugger window


      Hi All

      I have a working javascript that I'd like to make available to anybody on my pc opening any pdf.

      I am totally new to this so baby-steps please.

      I've Googled around and I think my file needs to be call price.js [tell me if Iam wrong]

      I'am on a networked machine and under users I have a folder for me [paula]

      That folder doesn't an Adobe folder in it [just saying what not there]

      I've tried placing it in the Program files/Adobe/Adobe11.0/Acrobat/Javascripts folder [and it ran upon opening [so obviously wrong!]

      Some on Google mention not to add the script to the Program files/Java/jre1.8.0_102/bin folder

      So before I break something I thought I'd ask.

      I originally was going to add it to a button on my Adobe Acrobat X1-Pro but I couldn't manage that, so I though could I make available it the scripts list within debugger


      Any help wildly appreciated