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        Josh Donley Level 4

        You can configure your report suite(s) through a Data Element in Launch, yes.


        Here is an example of setting the report suite based on domain.


        First, go to to the Data Elements tab, and click +Add data element.


        Under Create New Data Element, enter the following:


        Name: rsid_config

        Extension: Core

        Data Element Type: Custom Code


        chrome_2018-01-26_10-25-00 - Copy.png


        Then, click the </> Open Editor, and add the following:

        update the code to use your real report suites and domains


        var host = location.hostname;
        var rsid = '';
        switch (host) {
            /* dev environment */
            case 'dev.mysite.com':
                rsid = 'rsid-dev';
            /* stage environment */
            case 'stage.mysite.com':
                rsid = 'rsid-stage';
            /* prod environment */
            case 'prod.mysite.com':
                rsid = 'rsid-prod';
        return rsid;


        Click Save to save the code in the editor, and then Save (or Save to Library and Build) to save the Data Element.


        Next, go to the Extensions tab, select Installed, hover over Adobe Analytics, and click Configure


        chrome_2018-01-26_10-29-33 - Copy.png


        Next, under Library Management > Report Suites, click the Data Element icon next to each of the Report Suites fields (looks like a cylinder-stack), and select rsid_config.  When you are done, you should see %rsid_config% in the fields for each one.


        launch_aa_rsid_config - Copy.png



        Then, click Save (or Save to Library and Build) to save the configuration.


        From here, you will need to add / build to library, approve, publish etc. for it to take effect.

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