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    formItem label - moving with paddingTop

    Craig Grummitt Level 3
      i have been trying to line up a formItem label with my custom fields and have discovered that with comboBoxes or textInput fields, you can move the y location of the formItem label to line up horizontally with the comboBox/textInput textfield with the 'paddingTop' property (of the comboBox/textInput component).

      This is great, however moving the formItem label with the field paddingTop property doesn't work with:
      dateFields, as they don't have a paddingTop property,
      a custom field that i created based on a HBox,
      or TextArea fields

      My question - is there an alternative way to move a formItem label in the y direction?
      (the reason i ask is that the label isn't sitting nicely aligned with my custom fields)