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    Bitmap Caching

      I am trying to implement bitmap caching correctly in my flash/flex based application. I have an swf file which contains vector data, but upon enabling bitmap caching, the quality of the resulting file is very poor. I know that some quality loss occurs due to bitmap caching, but in this case, the quality loss is excessive. Take a look at the two attached screenshots.

      (I have posted a link to another forum where the images are attached)

      1. scr 1.png - the input swf is crystal clear(vector), but the output swf is fuzzy

      2. scr 2.png - by changing some settings, I get a shadow effect. the shadow seems to display vector data clearly (high quality) but I am unable to get rid of the fuzzy dual text.

      Has anyone faced a problem similar to this? Please give any suggestions you have may have.