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    bullets formatted wrong

    Cheryl B in Las Vegas
      I'm using TCS. In Frame, I have many bulleted lists. My RoboHelp project calls the Frame project by reference. When I view the htm output, the bullet characters are there but the paragraphs do not have a hanging indent. I tried applying a hanging indent in the fmstyles.css files, and the entire paragraph was indented.

      How do I get this to have a hanging indent so that all the lines of text in the paragraph are aligned properly?
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          How did you go about "applying a hanging indent in the fmstyles.css files"? The positioning style you're looking for should be the default list-style-position: outside; declaration. That is, the list marker (bullet, image, number, etc.) is positioned outside the content paragraph and appears as a hanging indent. (The other CSS list positioning declarations are inside and inherit.)

          Good luck,
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            Cheryl B in Las Vegas Level 1
            Since I'm using TCS and referencing FrameMaker files from RoboHelp, I'm doing my formatting in the fmstyles.css file. My paragraph style is defined as:

            Normal + font-size xx-small; font-family: Arial, sans-serif; margin-left: 0in; list-style: disc;

            Since I first posted, I have discovered something else, though: the bullet that is showing in RH is imported from FM as text. If I map a non-bulleted FM paragraph to an RH bulleted style, there is no bullet even though the style shows it is a list-style.

            I think this issue is caused by the RH to FM reference and conversion and so it is a TCS issue, not an RH issue.
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              Well...yes and no.

              I suspect that FM (though I haven't used it in a dog's age) has formatting issues similar to Word. That is, how it retains formatting based on when and how it was applied (sometimes with styles, sometimes not). I think I'd do some testing in a new file and see how applying a style or applying no style gets treated.

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                Cheryl B in Las Vegas Level 1
                Well, after a lot of experimentation, I have decided that I was making it too hard. If I just left the FM formatting alone, it translated pretty well. The only thing I had to do in RH was to create each paragraph style and declare the amount of indentation, because the indentation just doesn't come over, for some reason. (Realizing that RH determines indents in points instead of inches like FM helped a lot here.)

                At this point, my only gripe is that we have some FM styles that use an em dash in place of a bullet and they are coming over as bullets. I don't seem to be able to influence that.

                Thanks for your help. FYI, I will be away all of next week.