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    Dropdown value isn't giving current selection


      I am trying to write a script to change a dropdown's background color depending on the value selected. I have "Commit selected value immediately" selected and my code, which is attached to Validate is here:


      var drop = this.getField("Dropdown1");

      var DropDownValue = event.value;

      DropDownValue = drop.value;




      if (DropDownValue == "Pass"){

        DropDown.fillColor = color.green;

      }else if(DropDownValue == "Fail"){

        DropDown.fillColor = color.red;


          DropDown.fillColor = color.white;



      The problem I am having is when I select "Pass" it doesn't change, but when I select "Fail", "Pass" gets written to the console and the dropdown turns green as if I selected "Pass". Then when I select "Pass" again "Fail" gets written to the console and it turns red. Basically Adobe thinks the prior selection is the current one. How can I fix this behavior?