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      Hi I am very new in photo editing and wondered if I could get some advice. I’m having problems with layers that is really doing my head in. I know there is probably a simple solution but I can’t work it out. This is my problem, I’m creating a new layer and then opening up some photos, so far so good. I then unlock the lock icon in the layers panel and this is where it goes wrong, I drag the photo to the new layer and when I drop it the photo just enlarges. The photos are RAW, do I need to convert to jpeg before hand?

      Any help would be much appreciated before I destroy all evidence that I ever attempted this.

      Many thanks. David

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          jane-e Adobe Community Professional

          It sounds from your message that you are working in Photoshop (not InDesign or Illustrator or Lightroom or other Adobe software), so I moved your message from Creative Cloud to the Photoshop forum. Let me know if I got it right or not.


          A jpeg does not support layers, so use psd or possibly tiff. Don't use jpg if you want multiple layers.


          The images may start out as raw, but when you open then in Photoshop, you can't save them in raw. You have to pick another format.


          You can work on raw images in Bridge ACR and in Lightroom. Then you can work on them in Photoshop on a regular layer or as a smart object (protected so that you can return to ACR and put filters on them).


          If you make all edits in ACR, those can be cleared in the future.


          This is simplified, so ask where you need more details.

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            Derek Cross Adobe Community Professional

            To add to Jane's reply, you work in Photoshop with the native file format, PSD. Although you may work in Layers you will probably save your image in another format, such as JPG, for distributing to others, such as for photo printing etc. But always keep your original layered PSD file as you may need to go back to it to do further editing.

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              pixxxel schubser MVP & Adobe Community Professional

              Hi davidc34792153,

              Be sure that your new document (you said new layer) does have the same pixel dimensions (and/or the same size and resolution).


              Otherwise the layer from another document change his resolution to the resolution of your destination document. Thats why it seems to enlarge. But if the pixel dimensions of both documents are equal - drag and drop will be successful.


              Have fun