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    Actionscript bug problem in Firefox ;-( ...

      OK, i've work very hard, and i've realized all that you need to try the problem.

      here there is all link:

      [on-line page that do the error with Firefox and not with IE]

      1.Open Page in IE and Firefox.
      2.During play there is a loop between sound1 & sound2
      3.Cause Error connection -> Unplug ETH cable!!!
      4. See the debug textbox - Scroll (Drag) at the end or copy and paste all text in the text box.
      5. » IE retry to connect for retreve mp3 endless every 5 sec.
      6. » Firefox Stop here when it can't find the mp3 and nothing other events happend!

      Why can't retry like IE?

      [ZIP Project + FLA + AS export files]

      Thanks in advance for HELP ME.