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    Differences in sync between Lightroom Classic and CC

    Loegtved Level 1

      Hi there

      I have a problem aligning the sync between Classic and CC. A couple of examples:

      - In total, I have 16.143 images in Classic and 12.771 in CC

      - In one specific folder I have 674 images in Classic. The same folder in CC contains 1.038 images

      - In another folder, I have 567 images in Classic but only 181 in CC.


      When checking the "Lightroom Sync" under "preferences" in Classic it tells me that 12.850 photos have been synced which would suggest that not all photos are synced from Classic to CC. But, how can I then have more photos in some folders in CC than in Classic......?


      I run OS X El Capitan on a MacBook Pro




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          Jim Wilde Adobe Community Professional

          Folders is Classic refers to folders in the OS file system, i.e. they reflect the physical placement of your images on your hard drive(s).


          Folders in LRCC are not the same thing, here they are virtual containers for albums (which are themselves virtual). They equate to Collection Sets in Classic, as Albums equate to Collections.


          So are you really comparing the total of images of an actual folder in Classic with a folder of the same name in LRCC? Given that they are completely different entities it's not surprising that their respective totals don't agree. Or are you comparing something else, such as a collection in Classic with its corresponding album in LRCC?


          I hope you understand that images in Classic do not automatically sync TO the cloud, you have to manually enable that....whereas ALL images in the cloud added elsewhere should sync down into Classic. Generally speaking, the totals of All Photos in LRCC should be the same as All Synced Photographs in Classic (though there will likely be some differences where videos are involved).