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    Help displaying images

    DFord425 Level 1
      I am trying to display many pictures. I get all the file names in an array, cycle through the array creating image objects, then add them to the container. When i add 10, they all display as normal. when i had 11, the first image was cut off and was partially off screen(to the left), and there was a scroll bar to scroll to the right, not the left. On another trial when i had 16 images, 3 were not on the screen at all, they were the first three images and i could not scroll to the left to view them. I was wondering if anyone knows what im doing wrong and why some of the pitcures are being added off the screen to the left. And i was able to list all teh children of the container, and it listed all the pictures that it was supposed to have. Here is my code.
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          buabco Level 1

          For I can see in your code, your HBOX is of a fixed with, if you add anything bigger than that you'll just get the scroll bars since the HBOX is not big enough to handle all the content.

          Also I don't understand what your intended result is... you want that all the images are always visible (For example).