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    Can ComboBox extend beyond boundary?

      Ok, this must be the most basic of Flash questions, but I've just spent about 30 minutes googling and I can't find the answer... even though I think I already know the answer :(
      But, let's say I want small flash control that has a combobox with a bit list of items embedded in my HTML page. This doesn't work because the items list can't extend beyond the boundary of the flash component, it gets clipped. Unless of course, i was to just make the component much bigger, but then I'd would have a bunch of empty space.
      Or let's say I just wanted to a flash menubar at the top of my HTML page. Same problem, right? I would have to make the base flash component big enough to handle all the dropdown menus (which are arbitrary in size). So I would have a menubar that takes up half of my page.

      Or is there some setting I'm missing? Otherwise, Flash is pretty much useless for embedding with HTML in these two situations, is that correct? In otherwords, if I want to do this, it pretty much needs to be all Flash (ditch the HTML)?

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          jonesf Level 1
          Whichever one might be the limiting factor.... it's a Flash player in my browser, but I'm developing in Flex. If Flash is not capable, then Flex is not capable. If Flash is capable, but there's a limiting capability when developing with Flex, then that would be useful information for me as well. I know the latter one is unlikely, but I'm new to this, and thought someone here, who has more knowledge on the subject might be able to help me out.
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            jonesf Level 1
            Wow, OK.... I profusely apologize for using the word Flash in a Flex forum. I hope you're not terribly offended by my ignorant and disrespectful behavior. Now, that we got that out of the way, I'll try and rephrase the question for anybody else who is not so easily distracted from the real point.

            Is it possible to make the dropdown part of a FLEX ComboBox or a FLEX Menu control overlap HTML which falls outside of its rendering container? These controls are coincidentally rendered in a Flash player, however, this statement makes no implication whatsoever of an affiliation or relationship between the two very distinct products.

            For anybody else reading that might be looking for the same information, I did find some old information on Flash (oops, I said the F word) suggesting that the solution is to set the background to transparent, then make the container itself overlap the area that you need. I'm still hoping for a better way though as I think that'll introduce layout challenges. However, based on the attitude toward 'noobs' so far, I'm not holding my breath.
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              slaingod Level 1
              Was there like a deleted response I missed? Or some other post that gives context? Just curious how 'Flash or Flex' led to comments about attitude towards 'noobs'?

              It certainly is true that questions that can be found easily by using site: in google or whatever may receive short or no response. And people will generally post instructive examples or places to continue research rather than write/fix your code. There should be a FAQ sticky that explains common questions (how to I communicate with an embedded SWF/FlexAPP, etc.), and IMO Datagrid and Charts should be in a separate forum :P

              That said, yes, you will need to use wmode="transparent" or similar and play around with divs/z-index to make a combo box work the way you are trying to do. There are other combo box alternatives if you google flexlib, that may reduce layout changes. You could also use ExtenalInterface/Javascript to talk to a second SWF that appeared when the combo box was manipulated, to avoid some of the layout issues. That said, most of the people here work with Flex apps, where all of the components and controls are in one swf/set of modules, not where Flex is being used to make a single control in some other html layout.
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                jonesf Level 1
                Ok, thanks for the explanation. Much appreciated.

                And by the way, you didn't miss a post :) Maybe I took the original response wrong, if so, then my apologies. I take it as condescending remark meant to imply "this is a flex forum, not a flash forum you idiot". It seems every forum has those types, so I just kind of expect it. The problem when learning a new technology is that I can google endlessly, but until I get the right terminology down (keywords to search), I get nowhere. So, sometimes, asking a quick, stupid question on a forum seems more logical than adding another half day of searching on top of the half day of searching i already did.

                So anyway, thanks again. Especially your comment "most of the people here work with Flex apps, where all of the components and controls are in one swf/set of modules", is an important one for me to know and changes my perspective a little.