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    Need help embedding html code for a Constant Contact Signup form


      I was given this information to use...I cannot get it to work.


      I received this form my client:

      I cannot figure this out. NEED HELP!


      I need to ask you to paste in two codes on my MUSE website.


      The Inline Code will display the sign-up form. Unfortunately, unlike MailChimp where you click on the download link, an actual sign-up form needs to be displayed. So, please paste the Inline Code  near Seth’s ad. Normally, I would put the form underneath the ad, but because you smartly set up that section so it’s not a long scroll down, the form should be at the side of the ad. I think it would work best if the form was to the right of Seth’s ad, so I guess you’ll have to move the ad to the left. (I will pay you for your time.) I think once you paste in the code, the form will appear.


      The copy on the red button will have to change to:

           “To get your FREE download now, please complete the form."



      The Universal Code (see below) needs to be pasted on the same page as the form, but will be invisible.



      Inline Code:

      Paste this code where you want the form to display on your site:

      <!-- Begin Constant Contact Inline Form Code -->

      <div class="ctct-inline-form" data-form-id="0b8be9bf-157a-4f19-8e25-7292df429e1e"></div>

      <!-- End Constant Contact Inline Form Code -->


      Universal Code:

      Paste this code before the </body> on your site to show all your active forms.
      You only need to do this once:

      <!-- Begin Constant Contact Active Forms -->

      <script> var _ctct_m = "d2fa28977b74451d1e5ce8cc43d2fe99"; </script>

      <script id="signupScript" src="//static.ctctcdn.com/js/signup-form-widget/current/signup-form-widget.min.js" async defer></script>

      <!-- End Constant Contact Active Forms -->