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    There isn't enough room to display this document error code

    grommis Level 1

      I have the same problem and another person as I also just finished installing the Jan 23 Photoshop CC update, reopened the program, and attempted to open a simple JPG file.  I rec'd the error message:  "There isn't enough room to display this document."   What's that supposed to mean?  Then I tried to create a new document and rec'd this message:  "Could not create a new document.  There isn't enough room to display this document."     My system runs Windows 10, has 64GB of RAM, 2T hard drives with adequate space for scratch disks.  I tried restarting my computer but no change.  I uninstalled and reinstalled photoshop cc 2018 and it worked correctly opening one image and then reverted to the same problem. The response to the previous person suggested going to Documents and Settings to change a DAT file, however, in Windows 10 PRO there is no access to this file and Microsoft advised there is no longer this specific file available.  Please help....  Thanks

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