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    Photoshop closing down after selecting print


      I’ve been running Photoshop cs6 for years without a single problem until I recently installed a new printer. Now selecting print causes Photoshop to close down.


      New documents print fine but anything saved while using the old printer has been saved with printing data specific to that printer. Photoshop finds that data incompatible with the new printer and just closes itself down.


      I tried deleting the preference files and that did work but only for one print. The very next print crashed the program again.


      Cropping the image and dragging it to a new document also works but I know I’m going to forget to do that one time and loose all my work.


      Is there a way to purge a document of it’s printing data from within the program?


      If not what if I reinstalled Photoshop? Would that even work if the problem is in the documents themselves? Honestly, I’m hoping there’s another way. I am not looking forward to reinstalling all my custom brushes and pallets.


      I hope someone can help.



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          JJMack Most Valuable Participant

          I believe the print settings are saved in the image files meta data,  Try using save for web save a new image file for the image without metadata. Than open the file in Photoshop and try printing that document. There should be no printer associated or printer settings in that image file metadata I would think.