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    Combine multipage pdfs into one pdf with layers




      I have 10 pdfs 20 pages each. I need to combine them into 1 pdf as layers.

      Standard Import layer allows only to import it page by page which is very time consuming. What are the other ways to do that?

      I tried to do that in Illustrator as well, but it gives me the same page by page import.


      Any help appreciated

      Thank you

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          Cari Jansen Adobe Community Professional

          Hmmm.... you might need to see if someone can write a JavaScript Action for that.  The difficulty I see, is that the Import a Layer option, requires a 'Browse' action to get to the PDF page that needs to be imported as a layer.


          I'll move this forum post to the JavaScript forum for you.


          I'm thinking what you'd need is a script that:

          * prompts you to select a folder with PDFs

          * then loops through all PDFs and loops through all pages within each PDF and Imports them as a layer.

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            JR_Boulay Adobe Community Professional

            The simplest method is to use InDesign.


            Batch import (using the "PlaceMultipagePDF" InDesign built-in script*) your 10 PDFs on 10 different layers in an InDesign document, and export as PDF without forgetting to tick the option "PDF layers".

            It should take about 5 or 10 minutes.





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