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    Low resolution pixellated print preview image after PS CC 2018 19.0.1 update Mac OS Sierra 10.12.6


      No problems with PS CC 2018 19.0 release, but immediately after 19.0.1 update, I cannot get a full resolution print preview image in the print dialog before printing.

      The Dialog box also will not retain last opened preferences and re-opens every time, on the left hand top corner of the screen in portrait format.

      I am on an iMac running OS Sierra 10.12.6, and have confirmed similar problem with a friend running 19.0.1 update and same OS version on a Mac pro.

      We have both tried uninstall and reinstall but no solution. Subsequent roll back to 19.0 has been done as a temporary "fix".

      I find it inexplicable that this issue was not identified at an early stage of testing by Adobe, before release. (my apologies, I clean forgot that we are the beta testers).

      I can find no other reports of this problem on the forum. Are we isolated cases, or is it just that no one prints any more?